What can I do for you?

My name is Yvette Larrañaga and I am a graphic designer. I studied at “Escola d’Art Superior de Disseny Serra i Abella”. I continued my education by taking a postgraduate study in Aplied Typography at “ELISAVA | Barcelona School of Design and Engineering”.
I am passionate about textile and fashion, understood as a way of artistic expression. This was the reason why I studied Pattern Design at  “Escola de Moda GDC”, to try to combine both of my passions.

Being a graphic designer implies continuous education and training, which allows me to learn constantly about new work methodologies. I am experienced in the multimedia field and have knowledge and training in marketing as well as a Community Manager.

One side of my job is centered on providing consulting and management services specially to the communications department of SMEs. I work hand in hand with organizations to unify them under a coherent graphic line that matches the product communication tools and consumer needs. I also focus on creating and managing the development of graphic merchandising as catalogs, web sites, advertising, fairs, PR and anything that a SMEs may need to market their business.

If you are interested on my services, would like to get more information or see some examples of my previous projects you can contact me here info@equilicua.net. I am also open to possible collaborations and sharing ideas with other professionals.